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Main applications: grade S355K2 material it is mainly used to manufacture the products that do not require high surface quality and do not need deep drawing, such as ventilation pipes, mechanical covers, switch boxes, file cabinets, etc. It is also commonly used as billet for welded pipes and grade S355K2 material cold-formed steel sections.

EN10025-6 S960QL structural steel plates are quenched and tempered high strength steel with yield strength of 590Mpa ~ 960MPa. grade S355K2 material, S960QL steel plates have technical requirement of flaw detection, Z15 Z35 thickness direction performance requirements, high strength and high toughness requirements and so on.

The correct choice of billet type, section shape, size and weight are of great significance to grade S355K2 material steel rolling production. Steel rolling production has certain technical requirements for raw materials, such as steel type, section shape, size, weight, and surface quality. The consideration of these technical requirements is necessary to ensure the quality of steel. It should also be specifically considered when determining and selecting the blank. The grade S355K2 material rolling method can be divided into cold rolling and hot rolling according to the rolling temperature.

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