Pakistan steel industry opposes lowering SA709 Grade 50W property import tariff


The company has strong technical force, complete production equipment, advanced production technology, perfect testing methods, and high-quality products SA709 Grade 50W property. Today, the company will further expand its scale on the existing basis, with first-class products and better service, to make new friends from all over the world, hope that we will work together to create brilliant! Serve our customers with the concept of "being honest and operating with integrity"!

Cutting speed directly affects the stability of SA709 Grade 50W property cutting process and the quality of cutting section. If you want to artificially increase the cutting speed to improve production efficiency and reduce the cutting speed to best improve the quality of the cutting section, it is impossible, can only make the cutting section quality worse.

Q500C heavy plate specification available: 6*2000*8000, 6*2500*4000, 21.5*2440*4400, 125*2200*12000, 14*1600*6000, 45*2020*6700, 21.5*2440*4850, 30*2200*12000, 15*2200*5500, 45*1550*4900, 15*2200*5800, 12*2200*12000, 30*2300*6400, 45*1800*6500, 6*1700*10300, 16*2200*10000, 28*2450*8050, 21.5*2440*3950, 7*2220*8050, 21.5*2400*12930, 14*2600*10100, 6*1200*10300, 10*1800*13500.

Ningbo port has trade and transportation with more than 50 countries and regions, such as the United States, CIS countries, Europe, Africa, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Hong Kong. Ningbo port has initially formed an all-round three-dimensional collection and distribution network of expressways, railways, aviation, river sea intermodal transport, water to water transfer, etc.

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