Heat treatment of A709 Grade 50 vs Grade 50W for mechanical processing


Product protection of A709 Grade 50 vs Grade 50W steel plate. After the laying of profiled steel plate, additional load should be reduced as far as possible to prevent the deformation of steel plate.Wait until after acceptance qualified, can carry on the construction of the next working procedure. When opening holes, do not force chisel, so as not to appear welding or deformation.

S460Q steel plate is a quenched and tempered high-strength steel plate, the series grades are S460Q, S460QL, S460QL1, and the European standard EN10025-6 is implemented. S460QL1 steel plate is mainly used to manufacture low-temperature resistant, high-strength key components, construction machinery, mining machinery structures, etc. It is a high-strength structural steel plate. S460QL1 steel plate delivery status: quenched and tempered (quenched + tempered).

Cleveland cliffs, the largest A709 Grade 50 vs Grade 50W iron ore company in North America, announced on April 13 that its Northshore mine in Minnesota and Tilden mine in Marquette County, Michigan, will suspend production based on the current market environment. The company said it would reduce inventory levels in both regions, while continuing to A709 Grade 50 vs Grade 50W ship iron ore to its customers to meet commercial agreements.

The company uses outsourced logistics operations. Our cooperated professional third-party logistics providers use the advantages of large-scale production and cost advantages to achieve cost savings by increasing the utilization of resources in each link, so that we can benefit from the separation of cost structure. Therefore, we can also provide customers with better, faster and more efficient cargo transportation, delivery, and lower freight costs.

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