difference between WStE380 and TStE380 1000tons stock list in Ukraine


Online Industrial Metal Supply, difference between WStE380 and TStE380 Direct Factory Price
55*2500*12000, 55*2500*12000, 56*1890*12000, 50*2600*7940, 68*2300*3500, 77*1300*12200, 55*1600*6000, 50*1700*6000, 81*2010*3000, 70*2500*12000, 80*2020*7932, 68*3030*11300, 80*1150*3950, 70*2500*12000, 65*2500*10350, 80*1655*7260, 80*1000*3950, 90*3120*9800, 80*2500*12000, 120*3030*7400, 85*2800*3400, 100*2400*10000, 140*2300*11500, 148*2780*6930.

BBN can offer a variety of secondary operations to add further value to our structural bending services and give you a more complete product. We can provide secondary services like welding, grinding, punching, drilling, saw cutting, and more. For example, we can fabricate and weld end plates difference between WStE380 and TStE380 with punched holes to horse-shoe shaped beams for tunnel supports.

EN 10025-2 is standard for hot rolled products of structural steels.
EN 10025-2 steel grades are difference between WStE380 and TStE380, S235JR, S235J0, S235J2 (S235 series); S275JR, S275J0, S275J2 (S275 series); S355JR, S355J0, S355J2, S355K2 (S355 series); and S450J0. The numbers 235, 275, 355, 450 indicates the min. yield strength for thickness ≤16mm. For example, when the thickness ≤16mm, the min. yield strength for S235 series steel is 235Mpa, S275 series steel is 275Mpa, S355 series steel is 355Mpa, and S450J0 steel is 450Mpa.

The hardenability of difference between WStE380 and TStE380 alloy steel mainly depends on the carbon content, which is slightly higher than that of carbon steel with the same carbon content, but the hardenability and tempering stability of alloy steel are obviously improved. Therefore, difference between WStE380 and TStE380 alloy steel is suitable for stainless steel engineering with large section size.

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