astm SA572 Gr.65 material sheet specification pdf


Key points of welding joint design: under the condition of satisfying the requirement of welding penetration depth and weld density, small welding groove Angle and gap should be adopted.In the SA572 Gr.65 material sheet Angle joint, a symmetrical groove or a groove inclined to the side plate is used.Double - sided groove symmetric welding is used instead of single groove asymmetric welding.In a T-shaped or Angle joint, the end of the plate subjected to welding tensile stress in the thickness direction extends out of the joint weld zone.

Heavy plate SA572 Gr.65 material sheet spot in Shanghai warehouse
65*2250*4600, 110*2600*10600, 100*2600*10300, 130*2600*9350, 100*2600*11830, 140*2600*8550, 70*3020*8100, 58*2600*3300, 120*2600*9800, 100*2600*11700, 120*2600*9800, 68*2065*4500, 130*2500*9000, 180*2600*6800, 180*2600*6750, 92*3020*9600, 150*2500*7500, 100*2600*11800, 180*2600*6780, 200*2600*6130, 200*2600*5980, 200*2600*6000, 200*2600*6150.

The 365 day service system is implemented, and the business, loading and delivery are handled as usual in holidays and festivals. Actively help users solve difficulties. When users encounter difficulties in handling business, they should actively coordinate with the external solution; if they need to solve the problems internally, they should solve them in a timely manner without prevarication and wrangling. In line with the SA572 Gr.65 material sheet principle of "fairness, justice and timeliness", coordinate with relevant departments and deal with all kinds of objections in a timely manner.

Q550C steel belongs to low alloy high strength steel.
Chemical composition of Q550C steel: C ≤ 0.18, Si ≤ 0.60, Mn ≤ 2.0, P ≤ 0.030, S ≤ 0.030, Nb ≤ 0.11, V ≤ 0.12, Ti ≤ 0.20, Cr ≤ 0.80, Ni ≤ 0.80, Cu ≤ 0.80, N ≤ 0.015, Mo ≤ 0.30, B ≤ 0.004, Al ≤ 0.015. Mechanical properties of Q550C steel: yield strength ≥ 550 MPa, tensile strength 600-780 MPa, elongation after fracture ≥ 16%, impact energy ≥ 55J.
SA572 Gr.65 material sheet, Q550C steel is mainly used for manufacturing various large-scale engineering structural components and construction machinery. Due to its high strength, Q550C steel can meet the requirements of large-scale and lightweight construction machinery.

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