890 tons SA283 Grade C specification Square tube to Korea in 2013


The use of low carbon steel is limited due to its low strength. The strength of the carbon steel can be greatly improved by properly increasing the manganese content in the SA283 Grade C specification carbon steel and adding some alloy elements such as vanadium, titanium and niobium. If the carbon content in the carbon steel is reduced and a small amount of aluminum, boron and carbide forming elements are added, the ultra-low carbon bainite can be obtained, SA283 Grade C specification which has high strength and good plasticity and toughness.

Plate products SA283 Grade C specification order online: 14*2150*9300, 14*2400*10000, 14*2400*9900, 16*2100*10650, 16*2150*10000, 16*2150*10250, 16*2150*10350, 16*2150*10400, 16*2150*10450, 16*2150*10750, 16*2150*10950, 20*1950*9000, 20*1950*9150, 20*1950*9350, 20*1950*9550, 20*1950*9700, 20*1950*9750, 20*2100*10700, 20*2100*10750, 20*2100*10800, 20*2100*11600.

Steel plate SA283 Grade C specification cutting, according to different classification standards, there are different specific types. If it is divided by cutting temperature, it can be divided into cold cutting and hot cutting. One of the cold cutting, there are water jet cutting and abrasive cutting and so on, thermal cutting is flame cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting. In addition, we also need to know that the high-grade thick SA283 Grade C specification steel plate can be cut by flame, and its cutting is as simple as that of ordinary low-carbon and low-alloy steel, but we need to pay attention to it.

Based on the principle of win-win and mutual benefit, the company operates in good faith, strictly controls the quality, and provides perfect after-sales service, which has won unanimous praise. The success of the company is not only the SA283 Grade C specification hard work and wisdom of the company's employees, but also the deep love of the majority of consumers. It also inspires all employees of the company to have the courage to strive. We will continue to innovate and leap forward, create greater brilliance of the enterprise, and make our own contribution to the development of the SA283 Grade C specification steel industry.

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